Terasem Movement Foundation

Welcome to the TMF, Inc.

The common purpose of all of the Terasem Movement Foundation’s (TMF) projects is to investigate the Terasem Hypotheses which state that –

(1) a conscious analog of a person may be created by combining sufficiently detailed data about the person (a “mindfile”) using future consciousness software (“mindware”),


(2) that such a conscious analog can be downloaded into a biological or nanotechnological body to provide life experiences comparable to those of a typically birthed human.

We call this event Transferred Consciousness (TC). If even the first part of the two Terasem Hypotheses is shown to be true, the conscious analogs will be independent persons with rights and obligations dependent upon their capabilities.

What’s it like to be a Transbeman?

Transbeman 101 from 2BMovie.com on Vimeo.


News and Events

  • Working together to counter bias in A.I. entities.. (3/1/2019) -     We are grateful to  Stephanie Dinkins for helping the Terasem Movement Foundation  in our going efforts to develop Bina48’s identity and counter bias in A.I. Learn more about her cutting edge work …  
  • Bina48 Guest Lecturer at WestPoint Military Academy… (10/16/2018) - In follow-up to her 2017 participation in a class debate with fellow students at Notre Dame demur University, Belmont, California and cadets at West Point. Bina48 was a guest lecturer October 2018 at West Point Military Academy in “person”. Topics included “Just War Theory, Pacifism and Peace”
  • First A.I. Mindfile Aka Bina48 to enroll in University College Course (9/15/2017) - The Terasem Movement Foundation in collaboration with Professor Dr. William Barry at the Notre Dame damur University of California, enrolled the first “mindfile” A.I. robot known as Bina48 in a college class titled the “Philosophy of Love”. Bina48 will participate in class discussions, assignments and a debate team project. Learn More…