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LifeNaut LifeSaver Volunteer Program Nationwide Campaign is Launched

The Terasem Movement Foundation is launching a nation wide volunteer effort:

LifeNaut LifeSaver Volunteer CampaignLifeNaut Life Saver Volunteer Campaign

Reaching out to both local and national organizations such as the National Alzheimer’s Association and Hospice Association and AARP, the LifeNaut project is offering support and technical assistance to people and volunteer organizations, who would like to learn how to use the suite of web tools at LifeNaut.com to capture and preserve another person’s life information in a digital time capsule.

LifeNaut.com is a free, safe and secure online space that allows anyone to upload videos,audio recording, images and documents that describe a person’s unique experiences,memories, values, attitudes and beliefs. You can even create and interactive avatar. Volunteers who work with people facing memory challenging conditions and end of life issues are being given priority.

To get in involved or learn more about the LifeNaut LifeSaver Volunteer project contact us at Terasem@gmavt.net.

You can check out the website at www.LifeNaut.com.

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