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What to do in Quarantine mode ? Why not work on your “Mindfile”.

April1 17th, 2020

Dear Lifenaut and Terasem supporters,

As many of us enter our second month of  “social distancing” and ” staying at home” to do our part in breaking the transmission of the COVID-19 virus, it can be challenging to find things to do to keep our minds off just how “un-normal” life is at the moment.

To add to your list of ideas, please consider starting, re-starting or continuing to create and build your “mindfile” at Lifenaut.com. As our multi-decade experiment in testing the Terasem Mind Uploading hypothesis progresses into its second decade we appreciate the thousands of you who have volunteered your time to share your digital “life bits” and  support our research.

Of course this remains a 100% free online autobiographical space to upload and preserve your life’s reflections, memories, insights and much more. One benefit is the  “legacy” opportunity to pass forward to future generations your memories, wisdom, life stories and other valuable experiences gained as a result of your life journey. You can also create an avatar and train it to think like you.  So why not take a moment to put a little work in on “you”.

We appreciate your support, stay safe and healthy.

Bruce Duncan,

Terasem Movement Foundation
Vermont, USA


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