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Terasem Movement Foundation offers Virtual Volunteering thru VolunteerMatch.com






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The Terasem Movement Foundation working with VolunteerMatch.com offers Virtual Volunteering during the current COVID-19 Pandemic environment.

Lifenaut Lifesaver volunteers help new and current Lifenaut users gather and upload their digital information to get started on creating their mindfile. LifeNaut Lifesaver volunteers connect with the lives of others before it is too late or even after the fact using available clues like photos, videos, audio, and documents to upload and save the essence of a person’s life information.

Volunteers should have a sense of humor, love of stories and know their way around a computer. Get ready to explore, connect, laugh and cry as you enter the world of another person and help preserve what is unique about them.

To Volunteer click on the links below:

#1 Become a Lifenaut Lifesaver at www.lifenaut.com
Virtual Opportunity
COVID-19 Update: Now more then ever your role as a LifeNaut Life Saver Volunteer is an important way to help others use technology to record their Life Stories and …

#2 We Need Your Social Media Skills: Creating Content & Viral Outreach
Virtual Opportunity
We need a Social Media Wizard to help www.LifeNaut.com reach the next level of participation by people who are interested in creating ‘mindfiles’ which are digital reflections/biographies.

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