Terasem Movement Foundation


In 2006 we began testing the first part of the Terasem Hypothese by creating a way for people to create Mind Files. In colloboaration with several research and development professionals around the world we have created www.LifeNaut.com where anyone can create their own mindfile for free and includes the ability to create a photo-based Avatar of yourself that will speak to you and will be able to learn from the conversations that you have with him / her.

To begin testing the second part of the Terasem Hypothesis in 2010 we began offering the general public an opportunity to participate in the Bio File project which offers free DNA/Gene storage for the one time cost of a bio collection kit ($99.00 USD for domestic US residents).

The purpose of the Bio File program is to create a long term storage option for genetic material that may be used one day to generate a new body that can be integrated with a person’s mind file information.


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