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Philosophical Writings on Mind Uploading/Downloading

If you are interested in learning more about the philosophical ideas and debates related to Mind Uploading/Downloading please explore the links and presentations below.

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TheDayYouDiscardYourBody.pdf -The Day you Discard Your Body (Marshall Brain) PDF.

Power Point Presentations:

cybernetic_biostasis_e1909 – Use of Digital Mindfiles to Preserve Life Pending Revival Via Mindware, Cyber-Consciousness & Mindloading


AC2004_Bell_.ppt – Challenges in building and using a Lifetime Personal Information Store based on MyLifeBits into Today’s Realities


GenesBemes.ppt – Of Genes, Bemes & Conscious Things: Transhuman Enhancements & Transbeman Rights

Heinlein_C.ppt – Bio-Tech is Turning Heinleinian Predictions into Today’s Realities

Hughes.ppt – Brain Repair and the Near Future of Death

rothblatt_1.ppt – Defining and Resolving Geoethical Issues in Neuronanotechnology

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Other objectives:

One of the objectives of the Lifenaut.com mission is to make the mindfile creation process available to everyone on the globe. At first glance a technologically- oriented project such as this might seem to pose the problem of limited access, however 1 billion cellphones were sold in developing countires this year (2007) and in alignment with Moore’s Law, they are becoming increasingly like mini-pc’s. Computers themselves are also becoming rapidly more affordable. We feel that IT access will be universal within 10-20 years.

$100 laptop’ production begins
100$ lap top
By Jonathan FildesScience and technology reporter, BBC News

Five years after the concept was first proposed, the so-called $100 laptop is poised to go into mass production.